Our team at MIM provides independent artists with all the services they need to successfully build brand awareness and reach their target audiences. We take your vision and amplify it to the people you want experiencing it. 

Our surround sound marketing campaigns help artists stand out among the noise and create lasting awareness.

Branding Support

Having great branding will help you stand out and look pro. Whether you are looking to garner attention from labels, other brands for brand deals, or just build your fanbase, the proper branding can be the difference between stardom and spinning your wheels. Our team can help with solidifying a vision, and then build out a brand kit that can include and electronic press kit (EPK), merch, album cover designs, posters and more! 

Website Design

Do you need help with editing or designing a site to make your brand stand out? A website is one of the most important digital tools for an artist to connect with their fanbase. Tell our design team what you need and are visioning and we will build it with minimal turnaround time! 

Lyric Video

Our videographers are experts in taking a concept, and making a lyric video interactive. Our videographers creates a story that is more likely to get views and engagement, increasing your YOUTUBE subscribers that can lead to brand deals. 

PR/Media Relations

Get the media coverage your career and music deserve by working with our team on a tailored media relations plan. We work with multi-media channels to get you a variety of placements. Our clients have been featured in,, and more.

Music Video Campaigns

Get your music video played on online channels, tv networks, dj pools and some of the largest retail chains in the country. Our clients have been placed on Saorsa Network on My Music Video Channel and more!

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Social media is the best way to reach new audiences and to regularly connect with your fanbase. Our team is an expert on amplifying your content to build a bigger audience and to help you stay top of mind to your followers. If you need help with content ideas, we also help artists brainstorm a content calendar as we know it can be a lot to constantly come up with ideas!

Music Production & Songwriting

Our team helps you keep your network full with opportunities to connect with other songwriters, producers, and singers. Just send us your lyrics or song ideas  and reference tracks and let us do the rest to help bring your songs to life!Our producers have produced music for major networks as well as sync licensing and are also grammy winning engineers and mixers.

Spotify Ad Campaigns

Gain more monthly listeners across the world with Spotify ad campaigns. Our team is made of creatives who understand musicians and marketing and we target like-minded audiences of your music.

TikTok & IG Sound Campaigns

Increase your followers and listeners through our TikTok & Instagram influencer sound campaigns. Select from our list of influencers who all have XX (Dani to enter how many they have collectively, the number will be more impressive) Let us know what kind of content you would like and watch your new fans roll in!

Brand Deal Consulting program

Do weekly coaching sessions with our brand deal expert who has negotiated with 10k to 30k brand deals for her clients to learn the ins and outs of becoming a spokesperson.This will open up so many doors for you by learning the process of pitching and will give you the skills to represent yourself with brands, and monetize what you love to do!

Podcast PR Campaigns

Be a featured guest on multiple podcasts that have an established listenership. You select which podcast package you would like to do between our 2,4 or 6 podcast a month package. Our team will pitch you and arrange the interview details; you then just show up and be yourself!All of our affiliate podcasts have 2,000 person listenership per episode, a 4.5 rating or higher, and are listed on at least two major platforms such as Spotify, I heart and more.

Magazine Advertisements

We have teamed up with top magazines offer advertising to their thousand of readers. Our ad placements include high-end brands such as  Vogue, Vanity Fair, The Traveler, Wired, Bon Appetit and so much more. You provide us the ad design and we take it from there. If you do not have an ad designer, then our team can design it for you for an additional charge.

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